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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

A very excellent question.

Here is a simplified explanation of how the Textecution™ application works. Once installed, Textecution™ sits quietly in the background and allows you to use your phone as you normally would. Once Textecution™ recognizes that the phone is traveling faster than 10mph, Textecution™ disables the phone's texting feature so text messages cannot be sent or received. Once the phone is at rest, or traveling at a speed slower than 10mph, the texting feature seamlessly becomes available for use, and text messages may be sent or received.


Why would I put Textecution™ on my own phone?

You wouldn't. Textecution™ is designed for parents to put on their children’s phone to prevent them from texting while driving. It is also a great application for employers to put on their employee's phones to reduce vicarious liability involving automobile accidents.

Texting is so popular! Why did you create this application?

We created this application because we care about people. Not just you, but others on the road as well. National statistics show a substantial increase in the number of vehicle accidents that are caused by drivers who are texting while operating their vehicle. We created Textecution™ in an effort to decrease the number of accidents that are caused by drivers who drive recklessly distracted because they are reading or typing text messages instead of focusing on the road.

Can Textecution™ be installed on any mobile device?

For now, Textecution™ can only be installed on an Android device, like the Google G1 or the Verizon Droid. However, our development team is currently working on other versions. We will keep you updated.

Does the administrator phone have to be an Android powered phone or can the administrator have a Blackberry or other mobile phone?

Great question. No, the administrator does not need to own a G1 or Android enabled phone. The administrator only requires a phone that has texting capabilties and functionality. Any brand will do.

What if I am a passenger, or riding on a bus or train? Will I be able to text?

We have developed an override function into the application. If you wish to override Textecution™ and text while the phone is in motion, choose "Request Permission", and a text message will be sent to the administrator who installed Textecution™ on your mobile device. If the administrator responds "Allow," the texting function will work for the next four hours even while in a moving vehicle. The Administrator (parent or employer) is in complete control, and responding "Allow" takes only a second or two. Of course the Administrator can decide not to disable Textecution™ by not replying or by responding to the text message with something other than "Allow."

My parents installed this application on my phone. Can I uninstall it?

Yes. But your parents will be auto notified by text if you remove the application.

Isn't this another version of Big Brother?

Not at all. Textecution™ only uses GPS to determine the rate of speed that the device is moving and does not report your location to the administrator. Textecution™ does however give parents peace of mind knowing their child is safer on the road, and gives employers comfort knowing they minimized their liability while employees are driving.

I do not own an Android mobile phone. Is Textecution™ available for any other mobile device right now?

Not yet. We developed Textecution™ for the Android platform and it will only be available for phones that have Android platform installed. Android will be available soon for hundreds, if not thousands, of phones in the near future, so stand by.

Is there a monthly fee?

No, the current price is a one time cost per phone.

Textecution may no longer be supported on all devices or on Android™ versions 4.0 and higher.